Cold Weather Tips

While we hope there is not another polar vortex in our future, we can’t escape the winter weather that has set in. As pet owners, there are certain things we need to do to make sure that all pets are safe and warm in the cold.


Bring your pets inside. We know that our clients take good care of their pets so this is a reminder for others. If you see an animal left out in the cold in St. Louis City, call 314-657-1500. Owners can be cited with cruelty to animals if their pet is left out in the cold.


Check your car before starting. Outdoor cats often seek out the warmth of cars to escape the cold. Check around your car to be sure that a cat has not taken refuge and avoid an unfortunate accident.


Make sure that your rock salt is pet friendly. Check out this link to learn more about choosing pet safe rock salt. Many pet stores offer these products.


Dry off your dogs and their paws after walks. The towel will be your dog’s best friend after a walk in the cold. Drying their fur helps them warm up and cleaning their paws helps remove any irritants.


There are many organizations working to be sure that animals in St. Louis are safe in the harsh winter weather. If you are looking to help, consider checking with organizations like Stray Rescue and Gateway Pet Guardians to see how you can help fill their needs.

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