Spring Cleaning

As we emerge from our winter slumber, we begin to look around and notice all the cobwebs and dust bunnies that have accumulated. When you begin to straighten up for spring, don’t forget the areas your pets inhabit; unfortunately for most of us, they aren’t the best at cleaning anything beside themselves.

Crates and carriers can be breeding places for bacteria and it is recommended that they be cleaned out weekly. When disinfecting be sure to use a cleaning substance that is safe for pets. Usually some soapy water does the trick, but if you feel the need for bleach, be sure to rinse thoroughly.

Just as you wash your sheets and blankets, your pet’s favorite cuddle material needs to be run through the wash, too. So next time you throw in your sheets, include their blankets. They will thank you when they cuddle up on warm, fresh bedding.

If your dog loves a Kong or other toys, those need to be washed regularly. Some chew toys can be run through a dishwasher while others you will need to wash by hand. Check out the packaging to know for sure, and if you are unsure, better be safe than sorry and throw some soap in the sink. The same goes for their food and water bowls, which can be easy to forget since they are on the ground.

While you are at all this sprucing up, why not schedule a grooming appointment for your pet? If you are unable to take your pets to their appointment, Canine to 5 can happily transport them in our pet taxi. Contact Stephanie to learn more about transporting your pet.

Now, get to that cleaning!

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